With 1000 new users joining we’re inviting you and others to contribute as volunteers. When you’re contributing, you’re helping to build a friendly community working together towards our goal of having climate-positive servers in the Fediverse.

We’re going beyond net-zero on and all Albin Social projects. Albin Social’s mission is to build services that remove CO2 from the air when you’re using them.

Volunteering may sound big, but it’s just like joining a small club and doing things together. If you want you can do tiny easy tasks, or advanced challenging stuff. No matter what your are or do, there could be something fun you could get involved with.

You can contribute in many ways. Maybe you’re an artist, good at communicating with people, writing interesting texts, working with climate-reporting, making websites, sysadm or good at pretty much anything.

We could form small groups around main activities.

  • Calculate and report CO2 emissions for our server
  • Help with moderation and write community guidelines
  • Making our websites be informative and looking good
  • Be part of the technical group and plan potential upgrades to our system
  • Welcome users to our servers
  • Writing a FAQ and help center with images, or even videos, on how to get started with Mastodon

Send me a direct message and you get an invite to our Discord server,