Updating Terms to reflect new features

Discord, Patreon and club membership

We’re in the process of launching a Discord server and a Patreon page. This will enable people on mastodon.green to become club members. It’s still free to sign up and use mastodon.green, but membership gives access to the Discord server named “Mastodon.green”. There you can chat in a different format than with 500 character toots. It’s also possible to voice chat.

Club membership will also give you access to a members page. It can be seen as a page that extends the bio in your mastodon.green profile. We’re experimenting with this to see if it’s something that can be useful to you and other people in our community. Membership includes verification that you’re a club member. It’s a highlighted link of this type club.mastodon.green/@you

Served region and languages

We introduce the concept of a Served region- and Language policy.

Albin Social is a micro-company and cannot afford to provide our services worldwide.

We make our services availabe in selected countries as described in our Served region policy. Due to limited moderation resources we also have a Language policy. It describes which languages can be used on public timelines and elsewhere in our services.

These two policies can change with time, depending on factors such as if we are ready to expand our services into new countries or have to retract from countries. If we get more moderators with specific language skills we may be able to add languages, and if moderators leave we may have to remove a listed language.

Contributing as a volunteer

We invite people to contribute in making the www.mastodon.green website. It could have sections such as Help/Support, FAQ, Get started, About mastodon.green and other useful information. Apart from the website, there are other interesting things to do. You could become a volunteer moderator, help out with calculating CO2 emissions, or plan potential system upgrades.

We have set up some channels on the Discord server around some main volunteer topics:

  • website-group
  • CO2-group
  • moderation-group
  • tech-group


We open up for the possibility of sponsors on the page www.mastodon.green/sponsors

Your opinion

Terms v2.0 lays the foundation for our new ways of collaborating. If you want to voice your opinion, give feedback or contribute to an improved version 2.1 you can ask for an invite to our Discord server.

Read the terms here

Terms v2.0 take effect 2022-05-20. By choosing to become a club member or contributing to Albin Social projects before 2022-05-20 you accept these terms and in that case they take effect from the day you join as a club member or contributor to the projects.