Yesterday I spoken with a few people. We had some thoughts of the possibility of creating web pages for mastodon.green.

It would be nice to have some kind of “get started” guide for new people. Joinmastodon.org has documentation, but about half of it is highly technical stuff aimed at administrators and developers. Other social websites such as Instagram, Twitter, Clubhouse and TikTok doesn’t have “documentation”. They either have “help” or “support”. The newer companies seems to go with “support”. Documentation sounds like a book you read carefully when you’re an expert connecting one piece of software to another piece of software. Support and help sounds easier.

We also spoke about collecting and writing a Frequently Asked Questions for mastodon.green.

We could potentially create a WordPress based website and have sections on it such as

  • Welcome
  • Support
  • FAQ

So the URL to the support section would look like https://www.mastodon.gren/support/

If you want to contribute in making the Mastodon.green website you can ask for an invite to our Discord server. We’re looking for people who want to volunteer with:

  • WordPress administration. Installing a suitable theme and potentially necessary plugins.
  • Writing informative content such as the FAQ and ‘get started on mastodon.green’ guide.
  • Layout/Design/Fonts. Making the website look good on both desktop and mobile devices.

This is not decided yet. Just some thoughts and an initial conversation. We could do it in another way if that’s better, but in one way or the other it would be nice to have some texts, or even videos.

Imagine having some videos showing how to set up filters, make the language settings, switch to advanced view, switch to dark mode etc.