Climate Positive Action

Being on the journey towards climate positivity

What does “climate positive” mean?

Being climate positive means to reduce more greenhouse gas emissions than one emit.

The phrase “climate positive” has been used at least since 2018 when a Swedish company first became climate positive.

To call itself climate positive a company:

  1. Measure all emissions
  2. Document it’s footprint according to ISO 14021:2017
  3. Reduce emissions
  4. Compensate 110 % of unavoidable emissions.

Among those who take climate positive action there may be different opinions on whether it’s enough to compensate with offsets or if removals are necessary to be climate positive. ISO doesn’t have an international definition of the term “climate positive” yet.

What is climate positive action?

By companies:

  • Climate positive action is to work towards the goal of becoming climate positive 2050 or earlier.

By governments:

  • Putting large scale CO2 removal on the agenda for debate already count as climate positive action. As we know governments work in different ways that companies – bigger and slower. Their current goal is a net zero Europe by 2050. It’s already a good and very ambitious goal, but perhaps we could do 10 % more by then and become climate positive?

Company requirements

Summarized criteria for a company to call itself climate positive. Full list is to be found at

A. All emissions shall be calculated for all three scopes

B. International standards shall be followed

C. Goals shall be in line with the Paris agreement

D. At least 110% of the organizations total footprint shall be offset

E. Offsets shall be certified and verified

F. Calculations shall be made publicly available

G. Communication shall be correct and transparent