Climate positive

Being climate positive means that we, the Albin Social company, are removing CO2 from the air. You don’t have to do anything extra, just bring your friends with you to Albin social.

Countries, not people, are the ones that have the resources to solve the climate crisis. It’s possible to keep our current life style and save the climate if governments take their responsibility. If they can afford it companies can help by going further than becoming just climate neutral.

Our company is small, but we have started. We’re removing CO2 from the air.

We do this by compensating 110 % of the emissions from our company:

  1. We measure 100 % of emissions.
  2. We capture at least 110 % of emissions.
  3. We turn the captured CO2 into stone.

Turning CO2 into stone

The physical process of turning CO2 into stone is handled by a company called Climeworks and they have a CO2 removal plant in Iceland. Here’s a video:

Financial Times made a video on Climeworks CO2 removal plant in Switzerland:

How it’s done:

  1. Using excess heat from the volcanic ground
  2. Using Climeworks machines to remove CO2 from the air
  3. Pumping the CO2 into basaltic rock where it turns into stone

This is Climeworks explanation: how it works