Company values


We Reduce, Remove and Improve. With tactful activism we’re advocating CO2 removal technologies and climate positive action in Europe.

User experience

We strive for good and easy to use products with visually pleasing design. Our focus is on core features first.


We’re working together as a team towards our vision and goals, pulling in the same direction. Together doesn’t mean literally side by side every minute. Both extroverted and introverted people are part of a successful app company and the sum is greater than the parts.


We look for ways to make things simpler, better or both. We learn from experience and continuously improve our products, the company and ourselves.


We’re not complicating things, we keep it simple and climate positive. We’re pragmatic, straightforward and down to earth. We give and take responsibility as we build our products.


We think big in our vision and goals but act small focusing on our objectives. We embrace change, as going from nothing to a small company means changing conditions.


Building Rome is easy compared to fixing the climate. Somewhere in the middle lies the challenge of building a social network based in Europe. It takes patience, willpower, perseverance and probably some luck. We have a long term perspective.

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