Our goal

Climate positive social apps

Our climate goals

Our aim is to become a climate positive company as soon as possible. That means to reduce more greenhouse gas emissions than our value chain emits.

  • Our first goal is to become climate positive by removing 110 % of our unavoidable CO2 emissions.
  • Our second goal is to use two percent of revenue on CO2 removal.
  • We make sure that offsets are directly removing CO2 from the atmosphere, such as planting trees or using negative emission technologies.

It may seem that social apps are not releasing that much CO2 and we want to really make a difference. Therefore we’ve set an extra revenue based goal to ensure that our apps are the most climate friendly.

Another reason to set a revenue based goal is to guarantee that we’re removing more CO2 as our social network and company grows. Being climate positive is good, but think about what happens when we reduce our emissions. The climate positive effect of removing ten percent extra of the footprint goes down as we’re making the footprint smaller.

Our purpose is to connect people and help the world reach climate balance. That’s why we make sure to increase removals proportionally to our revenue.

The third bullet point addresses the fact that companies can offset their emissions by carbon credits from wind or solar energy projects. While being very good at preventing emissions elsewhere, such energy projects doesn’t directly remove CO2 from the atmosphere. They contribute to faster reductions, but not direct removals.

As an example: If a company emits 100 tons of CO2 and buy 100 ton offsets from wind energy projects, their emissions are neutral in a way because building wind energy prevent coal energy from being used. In another way their 100 tons are still in the atmosphere.

Being carbon neutral by such offsets is good, but our ambition is higher than that.


  1. measure 100 % of emissions. (Scope 1, 2 and 3)
  2. reduce emissions as much as possible
  3. remove at least 110 % of residual emissions

If they can do it

Max Hamburgers is already climate positive since 2018 (source – you might have to click through the language menu to find the page)
GodEl is already climate positive since 2018 (source)
Brid is already climate positive since 2019 (source)

IKEA has the goal of being climate positive 2030 (source)
H&M has the goal of being climate positive 2040 (source)

If a hamburger chain can be climate positive and offset 110 % of emissions from cows, trucks, packaging, customer journeys and a lot more, surely a social app company can also become climate positive.

Make climate positive apps possible

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