Climate policy

Our aim is to become Europe’s first climate positive social app provider. It means that we’re going beyond net zero, to become a net remover of CO2 from the atmosphere.

After becoming climate positive we can use plain English and say “We’re removing CO2 from the air, when you’re on our apps”.

What does climate positive mean?

Net zero

To reach net zero we:

  • Measure all emissions in scope 1-3
  • Reduce our emission
  • Remove unavoidable emissions

Scope 1-3?

Climate positive

To become climate positive we remove additional CO2 from the atmosphere. For this to have a continuous positive impact on the climate we:

  • Base the additional removals on revenue
  • Use 2 % of revenue

This revenue based method means that we keep removing CO2 even if our emissions go down to zero. An additional benefit with this method is that our positive impact increase as the company grows. Seen in absolute terms higher revenue amounts to more money for CO2 removals.

Climate positive: Should removals be based on emissions or revenue?

Restored atmosphere

Our vision for the world is a restored atmosphere. A restored atmosphere has the same level of CO2 as it had before the industrial revolution.

By growing a climate positive social network we hope to eventually inspire not companies, but European countries, to become climate positive.

Yes, it’s merely a dream. We’re a tiny company so no one sees us, but hypothetically a climate positive social network could grow big enough to be noticed by politicians.

With climate positive countries and large scale removals it’s possible to reduce atmospheric levels of CO2.

Imagine if EU countries set aside something between 0,1 and 2 % of GDP for the purpose of removing historical CO2 emissions. The money could flow into a European Removal Agency with the task of permanently removing CO2.

A removal agency could for example fill an old coal mine with human made coal. It’s technically easy to take biomass and make charcoal out of it through a pyrolysis process. The input biomass could for example be offshore farmed algae and sewage sludge from cities. Reversed coal mining has the potential to store large amount of CO2.

Another thing a removal agency could build is a very large direct air capture plant. The captured gas can be piped down under ground.

Equipment for both plants exist. All that’s needed is a large budget for removals, and that’s what we have politicians for.

By using 2 % of company revenue for CO2 removals we show what a company can do, even if it’s on a very small scale. Hopefully Albin Social can grow and thereby make more people aware of the fact that CO2 can be removed from the atmosphere.