About us

• We host servers on the Fediverse
• We’re scope 1-3 net zero (not yet, it’s our goal)
• We remove extra CO2 to become CO2 negative, or with another term climate-positive. (not yet, it’s our goal)
• We’re based in EU

A lack of revenue means that we’re not net-zero yet. We’re not removing any CO2 yet.


• It’s too much CO2 in the atmosphere.
• Current and predicted atmospheric CO2 levels are harmful to species and ecosystems.
• A net-zero society is not enough to fix the broken climate, it merely avoids the worst climate disasters.

Blog post: Climate change and ecosystems


• Remove CO2 from the atmosphere.
• We’re using our company as a tool for removing historical CO2 emissions and to inspire others to begin removals.
• A restored atmosphere is the real solution to fix the broken climate.


Our mission is to remove CO2 from the air when you’re on our Fediverse servers.


Our vision is a world where the atmosphere has been restored to its natural balance


So far it’s one person in the company, but the intention is to grow that to a small team.

This site is written in “we” form, because a company is always team work.

Connect with me here:


We have a volunteers program for people who want to assist with getting this project going. If you’re interested you can get an invite to our Discord server and we chat about it.

Selected blog posts