The removal symbol

The removal symbol

The symbol above represents removal of CO2 from the atmosphere.

When we look at the symbol we can see a circle, it signifies planet earth. We can also see a wavy line which signifies atmospheric CO2 levels.

A sharp spike is seen on the left side. It shows our unbalanced climate and serves as warning of the approaching climate disaster. It’s sharp, unnatural and almost piercing through the circle.

Currently we’re at the top of the spike and levels are still going up. Unless governments and companies do more for the climate we’re going to fail the Paris agreement and head straight for a disaster.

The fast decline in CO2 after the peak signifies faith in our ability to remove CO2 from the air. Small waves on the right side of the spike signifies an ideal future with a fully restored atmosphere. A natural variation of CO2 levels causes the small waves. On this balanced level people can live in harmony with nature for generations to come.