Albin Social on the Fediverse

Albin Social is hosting two servers in the Fediverse: and

The Fediverse may seem complicated at first glance, but it is actually easy once you get used to it. In short the Fediverse consist of several apps with different names that are connected with each other through a new de-centralized technology.

The Fediverse is still a bit rough on the edges. It’s so new that some things are a bit clunky but it’s okay once you get used to i. It’s more than okay, it’s really good. Work is done all the time to polish and improve Mastodon and Pixelfed.

In total there are over a million users on the Fediverse already. With the de-centralized nature of the Fediverse people are spread out on many servers. You can follow and talk to anyone from any server, regardless of your choice. Here’s a list of communities, each on their own server.

Our community and server,, is for people in EU and invited friends from around the world. We’re aiming to become the first climate positive server on the Fediverse.