How to join Albin Social

A new type of social network is growing, it’s called the Fediverse. Its main difference to other social networks is de-centralization. There are hundreds of interconnected and independently operated servers on the Fediverse.

We can be found on and They are Albin Social’s two servers in the Fediverse.

It’s free

Mastodon is a bit like Twitter and Pixelfed is a bit like Instagram.

We also have membership subscriptions with extra benefits


We have our own Mastodon site – you can sign up there.

We have our own Pixelfed site – it’s not working perfect yet, but you can sign up there too.

  1. First sign up separately on the websites: and
  2. To use Mastodon on your phone. Get Tusky app from Google Play, (or Amaroq from Apple App store),
  3. Open Tusky, type the name of our instance/server:
  4. Note: There is no mobile app for Pixelfed yet.

Tusky – which instance?

Screenshot from Tusky app

Grab your username on both Mastodon and Pixelfed

Choose the same @username on both sites, before someone else takes it

Get started

Take me to

Albin Mascot

Hi! What’s up?

Join my climate positive social network. It’s free and easy.

Use Tusky on Android

Get it on Google Play

  1. Create a user on the web site first
  2. Log in on the app by entering the instance name:

Use Amaroq on iOS

We’re climate positive

Albin Social is removing CO2 from the air and turning it into stone.

@JohanEmpa @Albin@AlbinSocial

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