More than climate

We want to build a community that is climate positive, not a community that is constantly speaking about the climate.

You choose what to write or what images you want to share as long as you follow our community guidelines.

Albin Social is for:

  • Anyone living inside the European Union,
  • and invited friends from around the world.

Community guidelines

Be friendly and respectful

Use one of the 24 official European languages

Use the report feature if you come across people or content that break our guidelines

Follow the law

Avoid posting inflammatory political or religious content

Don’t spread false information

Don’t post or promote porn and sexual services

Don’t post nude or sexual content of anyone below the age of 18 even if it’s of yourself or in cartoon format

Don’t spam or pretend to be someone you’re not

Don’t discriminate, use hate speech, harass or bully people or groups

Don’t threaten people or groups

Don’t post violence or harmful content

Don’t pull in guideline-breaking content to our instances/servers from other instances/servers by following misbehaving users, even if the guidelines on other instances permit such content

Final interpretation of the guidelines is done by the moderators. You can find the detailed guidelines here.