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Removal symbol

The symbol above represents removal of CO2 from the atmosphere.

Description of the removal symbol, 3 minute reading

The symbol above represents removal of CO2 from the atmosphere.

When we look at the symbol we can see a circle. It signifies planet earth. We can also see a wavy line which signifies atmospheric CO2 levels.

A sharp spike is seen on the left side. It shows our unbalanced climate and serves as warning of the approaching climate disaster.

Currently we’re at the top of the spike and levels are still going up. Unless governments and companies do more for the climate we’re going to fail the Paris agreement and head straight for a disaster.

If we pass a tipping point humanity risk extinction sometime beyond the year 2100. It’s unknown where a tipping point may be, but once we pass it civilization is in grave danger.

The fast decline in CO2 after the peak signifies faith in our ability to remove CO2 from the air. Small waves on the right side of the spike signifies an ideal future with a fully restored atmosphere. On this balanced level people can live in harmony with nature for generations to come.

The world must begin CO2 removal now, merely reducing emissions is no longer enough. If we’re going to achieve the goal of the Paris agreement, we need to both reduce and remove at the same time.

All technology to remove CO2 already exist. It can be scaled up to make a real difference. The reason it’s not already being done is ignorance by people and inaction by companies and governments.

We need to raise awareness of carbon removal methods and the importance of starting now. It’s important that companies begin to take climate positive action. For an even bigger impact governments in Europe could, and should, put CO2 removal on the agenda.

If they don’t raise their ambition we soon have to change our wording in the Paris agreement. It would have to read “get back down” to our temperature goal. Speaking about the goal, two degrees is not good enough, our goal should be 1,5 °C.

EU governments already have the goal of net zero emissions by 2050. It’s good and it’s possible to reach, but it’s not enough. Europe should go beyond net zero emissions and become climate positive. We can do it, net zero should be a milestone, not the end goal. By scaling up removals and speeding up reductions we can pass that milestone sooner than 2050.

One more thing about the symbol. In it we can see more of the future than the past, it gives us hope that we can reach climate balance again.

Humanity’s survival on earth is everything, because it’s boring and impossible to live a good life on Mars.

How you can use the symbol

You can use the removal symbol in a personal non-commercial way to show support of the cause, but this permission to use the symbol is limited and can be revoked by the creator of the symbol.

It may sound strict, but this symbol is copyright for a good reason. As long as you use common sense, it will probably be fine. If you use the symbol, you must keep the © sign.

You can share it on social media, you can show it in personal artwork or other forms of personal expression, but you have to stop using the symbol and remove it from public view if that is requested by the creator. Please note that the conditions for use may change.

You cannot use it for advocating climate positive action outside of the EU single market. We’re focused on Europe.

You’re not allowed to make derivative works of it other than described above. You are not allowed to make adaptions of the symbol. Copyright, all similar rights and all other rights stays with the creator of the symbol.

Please do not use the symbol on any items that will be sold or for fundraising purposes, nor to endorse any businesses or political organizations. Using the symbol commercially may be possible with a licensing agreement.

Any organization or company must have a licensing agreement with the creator to use this symbol.

The removal symbol was created 2020 by Johan Empa Sundström.

Contact: @JohanEmpa@mastodon.green

Why is it copyright?

The removal symbol is copyright for a few reasons:

  • So that the meaning of the symbol can stay well defined without it being associated intentionally or accidentally with other activism
  • So that it can be used by Albin Social on products like t-shirts and stickers with the purpose of fundraising to our club and cause
  • So that it cannot be used outside of Europe, because our climate activism is focused on countries withing the European Union

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