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Do you like the idea of social apps that remove CO2 from the air?

Do we need European social apps?

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We’re looking for three people that genuinely like what Albin Social is doing. Do you want to write a short testimonial and be seen on our site?

Moral support would be very helpful

If you like this idea, it would be very helpful if you could show your moral support to your followers in some way.

  • An easy thing you could do is to follow Albin Social on LinkedIn
  • or mention Albin Social to your friends and followers. For example: “what do you think of, they’re asking for feedback on the idea and text on the site”
  • or create an account on (It’s hosted by Albin Social)
  • or connect with me, Johan Empa, on LinkedIn. (if you live in EU and work in a field related to apps, climate change or entrepreneurship)

Donate on our crowdfunding page

Albin Social need a monthly 5000 € to get the ball rolling. It takes some time to find product market fit and your contribution would directly help in making it happen.

Depending on the amount you become a member or get visibility as a sponsor.

Please mention it to your friends and followers that Albin Social needs a bit of funds to keep going. Here’s the info page:

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